With its hexagonal prism design, the Vuitton Style side Table is captivating and reflects light with its many facets. The table’s appearance is enriched by the presence of glossy lacquer finishes, which give it a sense of sophistication and depth. The combination of light and color elevates its visual appeal, making it a stylish and eye-catching addition to any living space.

  • Powder-coated Aluminum, heat and rust resistant
  • Comfortable height level for modular seating
  • Flawless table in every aspect
  • Ideal company for afternoon tea on a covered terrace or patio



  • Artisans meticulously handcraft our metal furniture from rustproof aluminum with precision welds and reinforced stress points.
  • They then apply the finishing touches by hand: fine grinding to ensure smooth joints and a triple application of a weather-resistant and UV inhibiting coating that’s 10 times more durable than paint. The result is furniture that’s virtually maintenance-free.
  • To conceal minor cosmetic blemishes, we offer touch-up kits designed to match our metal.


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