The best option for outdoor comfort is provided by the Fresco Lounge Chair.

  •  powder-coated aluminum is durable and able to resist rust and corrosion.
  • The Olefin rope is used as a material.
  • The aesthetic appeal of the furniture is enhanced by its solid construction and ergonomic design.
  • In addition, it features a thick cushion that can be covered in a variety of fabrics. The cushion is also removable and easy to clean.
  • This chair is suitable for both residential and commercial use, including areas such as swimming pool, cafe patio, and suites.


Characteristics of All-Weather and Performance Weaves

Outdoor braids is made with solution dyed Italian yarn using special UV protector and antioxidants with a patented spinning process. SoleMio ropes resist sunlight, saltiness, chlorine, acid, sunscreen cream, abrasion, sweat and stains for many years. All our braids are composed of special high tenacity yarn that maintains the textile strength for many years.

  • 100% resistance to mold and bacteria
  • Excellent UV resistance for all braids: EN ISO 105 B 02 “light resistance”: graded 7 (Max. 8 blue scale) EN ISO 105 B 04 “weather resistance”: graded 4 (Max. 5 grey scale)
  • Excellent results to dry and wet friction tests: EN ISO 105-X12 graded 4-5 (Max. 5)
  • Resistance to liquid stains including sunscreen cream: EN ISO 12720 graded ⅘ (Max. 5)

Care and Maintenance

Braiding and Frame

  • Rinse the braiding regularly with clean water. For intensive cleaning, use Synthetics Super Cleaner. This cleaner also works perfectly for the powder coated stainless steel frame. Always rinse the furniture with clean water after treatment with PNZ cleaning agents. Allow the braiding to dry and treat with Textile Protector . This will apply an invisible repellent film which enables the furniture to dry quicker and reduces the adhesion of dirt, stains and pollution. The cleaning will become easier, less frequent and requires mainly rinsing with clean water.


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