Featuring a Coffee table with a wooden shelf , the beautiful Clarke Side Table is a wonderful addition to your home interior. It is comprised of Mahgony wood, natural mesh cane webbing and clear glass and has a black finish and cross bars for added design.Offering a distinct style, this table displays beautiful color contrast between teak, marble and brass, available in two-level storage
  • Teak in Dark brown finish
  • Natural Rattan doors
  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Perfect height for easy set down and retrieve
  • Incomparable elegance and modernity
  • Interconnected base
  • Care and maintenance: wipe with dry cloth regularly

DIMNESION: 45x45x45Hcm

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Wood requires gentle care to preserve the finish. Dust regularly and clean with a soft dry cloth. Remove spills immediately as moisture can cause peel off the surface. Prevent moisture from getting underneath the veneer by quickly and thoroughly cleaning up any spills. In case of water rings, rub the area with naphtha. Follow up with an application of oil or petroleum jelly to completely erase the mark.


To fully enjoy your wood furniture, please follow a few basic rules:

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and excessive heat or dampness.
  • Be careful not to leave a wet ring on the surface after watering flowers or plants.
  • Don’t expose the furniture to scratches from pets or sharp objects.
  • Use coasters and place felt pads under lamp bases and accessories.


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