Keep it simple with this stylish bistro table, perfect for any size garden.Bistro table with simple lines that are easily combined with any bistro chairs in our collection. No matter the application, this table is perfect for everyday use in smaller commercial and residential settings. you’ll love the feeling of enjoying your morning coffee, while soaking in the views.

  • Top: Natural teak fine-sanded frame, highly durable against UV and rain
  • Base: Galvanized, hard wearing, resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Seat capacity: 4
  • Care and maintenance: wipe with dry cloth regularly, avoid using abrasive material


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Characteristics of Teak

  • Teak furniture is an excellent choice for outdoor living and with regular maintenance will provide years of loyal service. Natural teak as well as touch-up kits designed to match our teak finishes.
  • Natural Teak – Our Natural finish highlights the beauty and grain of solid teak. Due to natural variations in the wood, each product and finish may vary slightly. When exposed to sun and rain, the color of Natural teak will soften to a handsome silvery-grey shade depending on the amount of sun exposure.

Natural Teak (new)
Natural Teak (at 6 months)
Natural Teak (at 1 year)
Finished Teak – Weathered finish (new)
Finished Teak – Weathered finish (at 5 years).

PNZ manufactures using 3mm Aluminum  with an electro-polished (EP) finish brushed finish. Electro-polishing is widely used in the electronics, food and medical industries and on components for cruise ships and yachts, where a corrosion resistant, smooth and easy to maintain surface is of vital importance. Electro-polishing is an electrochemical process whereby the combination of an electrical current and a strong acid erodes the surface of the stainless steel substrate atom by atom. This process removes much of the iron from the surface of the steel, but leaves the chrome intact, resulting in more shiny, but much improved corrosion resistant surface.

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