The outdoor area is furnished with sleek and modern seating that offers an exceptional level of comfort.

  • Upholstery sling/Sling, comfortable &  flexible seating without the need of any cushion
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame, weather and rust resistant, available in black and White
  • Urban style seat for outdoor area
  • Care & maintenance: regular cleaning with tap water and mild soap when dirt developed on the sling/frame



Available in a wide variety of designs and colours, Sling is a generic term for a woven, open-mesh fabric made from a vinyl coated, high strength polyester yarn. PNZ uses Batyline and Twitchell outdoor slings for the Outdoor Sling Furniture Collection. It consisting of a polyester fiber covered by a coating of PVC, making it nearly impossible to tear. It is 100% synthetic and resistant to rot and mildew. Nenuphar Fiber: is made entirely from high density polyethylene (HDPE). This means it is extremely durable and resistant to all weather conditions, including strong sunlight, rain and temperatures ranging from +80 °C all the way down to –70 °C, making it suitable for exposure to the outdoor elements all year round, anywhere in the world. As well as being mold-resistant, it is also non-toxic and 100% recyclable.


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